Let Them Be Little

I've received a lot of criticism lately about certain wardrobe selections I've made for my boys and the long length of their hair. Which is ironic, because I also hear compliments about styling choices and regularly have inquiries about where I like to shop for them. More often, the latter. However, the questions about when I plan to "chop their mops" and ridicule about dressing them in "emasculating" attire have become more frequent. I'm sure it's all in good fun and there are no hard feelings. (If there are I'm not feeling them.) Honestly, I find it amusing and don't take offense. I truly don't intend to start a debate here. This is merely feedback and my opinion on the matter. I'd love to know if other mom's hear the same? Or do you hold back from certain choices for fear of what grief you may receive?

I dress my boys in ways that speak to their personalities and for comfort. This summer, when it's a hundred and forty-seven degrees, I'm not going to think twice about putting BOSS in a romper. They're cool, comfortable and darn it they're just down right cute. The particular one in question is blue and neutral plaid. I'm not sure if it gets more gender neutral than that. I can see it reading as youthful and vintage-inspired, but feminine? I don't think so. Who cares if the item is actually marketed and sold in the girl's section? (Gasp!) I'm not putting pink bows in his hair or dressing him in a tutu. Heck, think about what male generations before us used to wear. It's interesting to me how times change. Boss is one year old. He's "cute". Why does he have to be "handsome" or "manly"? It's precious and endearing to dress him in sweet little things that are age appropriate. So what if he doesn't come across as masculine or tough? He is a baby. How's this teddy bear of a kid with an angel face supposed to look mean anyway?

As for the hair, I just can't bring myself to give them typical "big boy" haircuts yet. Gunner has some gorgeous blonde locks and I know the second we cut those curls he'll instantly look much older. Maybe it's selfish. I am warming up to the idea and a change is on the horizon, but not due to the pressure from others. For practicality, it'll be cooler if we get rid of some length. Or maybe we'll try the trending man bun? Until then, I'll let them be little. Hashtag longhairdontcare.

Fox Socks: Says Woo


I read a few simple words last summer and they have resonated within me since: "Bloom where you are planted." So, here I am. 

This is an unparalleled platform for journaling my life and work. If anything, it's a medium for which I'll hold myself accountable to growth and flourishing creativity. My intention is not to blog because it's a hip and trendy thing to do. In fact, I've hesitated to launch an online journal for a number of reasons, the following three at the forefront: 

1. I'm a horrible writer. I can spell, but I am a terrible writer. In response: who cares? No one is perusing a blog to just read anyway, right? I'm a photographer with an endless flow of original content. If "a picture is worth a thousand words," then I'll focus on that. My written word will be casual and fun. 

2. To be quite blunt, I find some blogs to be fake and narcissistic. Therefore, mine could be perceived the same way. And sometimes, when I peek into others' seemingly ideal dream lives, I catch myself feeling jealous. You know, the ones who snap selfies dressed in the latest designer fashions while whisking around the globe? Trust me, I'm terrified to put myself out there and to give people the impression that I think my life is worthy of envy. That cannot be further from my goal. I have, however, come to realize that my simple life, unfolding in the same town in which I was born, is pretty great, after all. I'm hoping to inspire you to feel the same way about your life, whatever it may look like. 

I aim to be real and honest. Well, mostly real. Let's face it, there are things a person probably shouldn't ever share. We're all human. And, yes, I will tidy up before snapping photos in my home. You might see an image of what appears to be a "perfect" vignette, but know that in reality everything beyond the lens is most likely a chaotic mess and my children are running amuck. More often than not, I'm wearing no makeup plus a disaster of a top knot embellished with a lulu lemon headband and somewhere there's a pile of laundry waiting to be done. By no means am I "perfect" and I do not lead a "perfect" life. Nobody does. My emphasis here will be happiness and positivity. Sometimes life isn't rainbows and butterflies. It wouldn't be the honest truth to deny sharing some of that not-so-pretty reality from time to time.

3. I don't feel as though my life and work fall into a particular category. I'm a wife, mama, photographer, product stylist, vintage lover, coffee drinker, creative type… and I could go on. Then, it dawned on me. That's just it. No one falls into one particular role, anymore.  We all wear a number of hats (some more fashionable than others). I find diverse content and well-rounded bloggers to be the most relatable and interesting anyway. I aim to offer a window into both my personal and professional life, in addition to sources of inspiration. I'm excited to feature a spectrum of topics; photography, design, style, home decor, motherhood and more.

Rather than being consumed by self-doubt and fear any longer, I'm choosing to see this as a challenge and face it. With the new year, I'm making an even bigger effort than ever before to seek beauty. I'm going to be braver, more optimistic and find the best in things. I'll look to social media wearing blinders, honing in on the boundless stream of creativity, success, encouragement and inspiration. Hopefully, I can offer some of the same in return. Welcome.

Top photo: Marley Mae Photography // Bottom Photo: Marley Mae Photography, style & edit: me

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