Kelsie / Soul Beauty Lounge

Say hello to Kelsie. This beauty is not only easy on the eyes, she's incredibly sweet, generous, loyal and reliable. Oh, and she is the most talented makeup artist to ever grace the earth. Recently, she took a huge leap of faith, quit her steady job, gave up her regular paycheck and launched Soul Beauty Lounge

While she's on the hunt for the perfect brick and mortar, Kelsie offers on location makeup services for special occasions, events, weddings, photo shoots and more. Online tutorials and hands on workshops are also in the works.  

As a fellow entrepreneur, I can appreciate the risk and determination it takes to make it work. I'm so proud to support her, as she's always supported my business. Moreover, I'm proud to call her friend.

We met forever ago, when I sat in her chair and she fancied my face for a photo shoot. She waved her magic wand and I was sold. This lady is always my go to when I personally need to look my best. Without hesitation, she's my top recommendation when other gals need to be beautified too. She's done faces for my friends, family, "models", clients, even my brides. Every single one sings her praises. She is absolutely great at her craft, but she's also mild-mannered and reliable which make for a no-brainer. Better known as "miss kelsie" around my house, she is the only person to cut my boys' locks, which is a true representation of her calm and patience. Trust me. She's chill.

ps I hear she has still has appointments available for Valentine's Day and that she'll be doing makeup for my bespoke photo sessions march 22nd.