Daniel / Oral Roberts University, Class of 2015

Meet Daniel, ORU class of 2015! He's an all around nice guy and the way he smiles, with his whole being, is an outer representation of his quality character. I spent a short time with Daniel and his darling girlfriend downtown one evening recently. We were blessed and the clouds parted just as we began. I'm really happy with the images we captured. He seems to be a natural in front of the camera and I know having Madeline there with us was perfect. I had a really lovely time with both of them.

I have to brag about Daniel's precious and gracious girlfriend, Madeline, who arranged the shoot as a surprise graduation gift. Just based on the brief encounter we had, including a handful of email correspondence and about thirty minutes in person together for Daniel's session, I can say that she's a gem. She was such a positive and complimentary presence. She literally watched my back while we shot in the middle of a busy street and insisted on carrying my camera bag. Oh, and the day we shot was HER birthday! She truly wanted to spend her time treating him to a thoughtful gift. Thank you, Madeline! (She was dolled up, so I insisted on snapping a few shots of both of them. You'll never see another couple with more dynamite, genuine smiles!) Daniel, she's a keeper and many congratulations on your upcoming graduation! 

PS Daisha, thank you so much for recommending me! I really appreciate you. (You might remember Daisha and her husband, Daniel's brother, from their engagement session featured!) The connections I've made and the wonderful network of people I've met on this photography journey are such a driving force. From the warmest place in my heart, know that it is immensely flattering to receive a referral.