Erin & Corey / Waiting for Baby

Meet Erin and Corey, two of the most lovely people on the planet, awaiting the arrival of their precious baby. This super mini session (15 minutes!) appropriately took place on Valentine's Day and I couldn't have hand-selected a better way to spend the morning. I sat in the parking lot after we met with a big smile and a grateful heart, soaking in the sunshine. The love Erin and Corey share just pours of them. The connection between them is simply beautiful, which made it possible to capture genuinely joyful expression in a matter of moments. They're so comfortable with each other and excited to be parents together. Erin is THE cutest mama-to-be you'll ever see and she truly has the pregnant glow. Corey is just as genuine, kind and gracious as he comes across in the photos. Their tiny babe is already deeply loved and adored. I cannot wait to meet their bundle of joy and see them all together as a family of three.

It was difficult to keep these photos under wraps until now! (I don't know how they're waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender?!) These images were a gift from the hostess and host of their couples' shower. The parents-to-be saw just one teaser and the rest were presented over the weekend at the baby shower. (An incredibly thoughtful gift, if I do say so myself, and I'm beyond thankful to have been a part of it!)

Congratulations, Erin and Corey. You are wonderful parents.