Daisha & Sam / Engagement / Part I

I was dying to photograph a two-part session at a charming old farm house and at the train station in Bristow. My mother relocated to acreage in Depew (outside Bristow) about two years ago and the home sits on a gravel road along the way.

When Daisha and Sam contacted me about engagement photos, I knew they were a perfect fit. I knew they had an affinity for romance, travel and adventure. Not until I had the opportunity to have them ride with me to shoot on location did I realize exactly how ideal they were to tell this story. Unknowingly, they touched on every aspect that I had drawn from researching the farm house and it's journey. The couple chatted about adventure, living life to the fullest, blazing a trail, the fact that their long distance relationship built a strong foundation, the importance of family and roots, and that home is truly where the heart is.  

On the drive, they rode in the back, side-by-side, while I chauffeured and they told me about each other. Then, I listened quietly while they sweetly discussed details of their wedding (which took place in a fairy tale setting this past October). Daisha gushed about Sam's passion for life, including his time backpacking through Europe after graduating summa cum laude from Oral Roberts University. She boasted about his strength of character and how proud she is of the way he carries himself. The bride-to-be spoke highly of her groom's wonderful family that she's already been blessed to become a part of. Daisha noted that they have a relationship with God as their center and that strive to grow everyday along side each other. Sam told me how much he admired his father and mother and that he's one of TEN children whom his mother has homeschooled. He talked about how beautiful Daisha is, inside and out. He told me how he and Daisha planned to live overseas one day and that it'll be tough, but as long as they have each other, they'll thrive. Later, the couple brainstormed songs for Daisha's twin sister and father to sing as well as other roles for family members in their upcoming fall ceremony. They each had input and exhibited excitement in sharing their "big day" rather than anxiety. They shared that they're really focusing on enjoying their engagement period as a new chapter rather than getting bogged down by wedding details.

While shooting, I couldn't help but notice the genuine compassion and spark between these two. There were countless moments of unprompted affection, support and tenderness. For example, they gladly accepted my challenge to climb a magnificent tree and some of my favorite captures are from the moment when Sam gallantly helped his fiancé climb down. While shooting portraits of Daisha alone, she flirted and batted her eyes at Sam off camera. Sam was right by her side when Daisha gracefully scaled my unstable, old wooden ladder. Daisha was the definition of a "blushing bride" when she complimented Sam and whispered to me that she has a "thing for a man in cowboy boots." I suggested we put a flower in Daisha's hair for some shots and Sam offered, "I can place it there so you can get a picture while I'm doing it." True love.

{Part II to follow Feb 10}

Makeup: Kelsie Lloyd

On-set Assistant: Marley Sowersby

Her watercolor Dress: BCBC Max Azria, Wedge Shoes: Sam Edelman, His Tee: JCrew