Bella / Valentine

You know those people who are lights in the world? This girl is one of those people. Meet Bella. She's as gracious and respectful as she is beautiful. From the way she delicately holds her hands to the way she twirls her skirt, she carries herself with remarkable grace and poise. I was so impressed with her gentle nature. I felt a kindred spirit in her as she glowed with excitement over the bouquet and heart-shaped balloon I supplied for the shoot. She didn't express a giddy, childish excitement, but rather a true appreciation of the blooms and happiness she felt. When I offered the pink daisy and suggested she play the timeless game "he loves me, he loves me not", she hesitated and gazed at it for a moment. Almost as if to soak up it's beauty first and apologize for the petals she was about to pluck.

For this mini session, the idea of fresh, vibrant youth juxtaposed with a decrepit and barren space seemed really interesting to me. Bella truly radiates against the neutral backdrop. Even after her initial response to the old house was, "what is this place?!" she was such a trooper. She's a golden ray of sunshine and will shine anywhere. It's no coincidence she was blessed with her fiery red hair.

After our session, Bella created and mailed me the sweetest thank you card in existence (pictured below). Done in candy-colored gel pen and with dainty hearts drawn on the envelope, no less. I may have cried a few tears of joy when I opened it and admired the illustration of the two of us. I needed to hear her simple words more than she'll ever know.

Dear Bella: Happy Valentine's Day. I love your heart. Give your mama a big hug and thank her for raising you to be such a thoughtful little lady. With joy, Miss Melissa